Friday, July 16, 2010

Still Missing Something

Okay as I go back through my blog here I still need to find that "something" that I'm lacking with my art. I need to do more life drawing. I need to do more study of the world around me. Not one to ever keep a sketch book, I went out and plunked down some money and bout a Moleskine sketchbook today. It's 100 or so pages, and I plan on filling the entire thing up with just sketches of people and places around me. I will bring it everywhere I go, and I may just end up scanning and putting up a few pages here.


  1. First off, I dig the new blog layout. Very simple and clean, it works very well!

    Second, good idea. Drawing the world around you can be helpful. Take it from someone who also doesn't do it enough.

    A good piece of advice, though, might be finding some new subject matter to draw. I found that once I started changing things up a bit, I felt less-constricted by my art.

  2. Yeah, it's one of the new awesome templates from Blogspot here. I really dug the colors, and is just a bit fresher than the 'ol blackness. ANYWAYS, I don't do nearly enough life drawing. In fact I really haven't done it since college (over 5 years ago), and I think I'm suffering from it. My poses aren't energetic, and generally pretty boring. I just want some heart in my images. It's like I don't think it through before I put the pencil to paper.