Thursday, November 18, 2010

Omega Mr. Popo

Okay so the other night I came up with a final FINAL villain for Goku to fight in the last season of DBZ. Mr. Popo was tired of being so kind all of these years. Letting people take advantage of him. Not giving him the chance to train with the legendary Super Saiyajins.

So here we have OMEGA POPO. Popo harnesses the power of the Shenron Dragon Balls to transform himself into the ultimate fighter. (Normally he looks like this: [link]). Will the legendary Z warriors be able to defeat Omega Popo? Tune in next time to Dragon Ball Z. (shitty guitar music).

Apologies to Akira Toriyama, and anyone else that I offend with this pic.

Background taken from a screen cap of Kami's Lookout from one of the DBZ games. All the rest: ME!

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